VirtualServing - The Worst Web Hosting Service Available

Unmatched Web Hosting Services offered by VirtualServing:

Plenty of downtime, low quality maintenance
  • Your site will be unaccessible for 10-15 hours periods. This however won't happen every day. Just about two-three times a week.
  • If raw logfiles and stats are important to you - you are assured of unique experience! 8, 10 and even 15-hours gaps in your daily logfiles are common.
    Incompetent and uncooperative support
  • A unique combination of arrogance, incompetence and total lack of both courtesy and professionalism.
  • If you point out serious flaws in their system - they'll say everything is fine, thankyou.
  • If you hope to run the simplest cgi script - forget it. They'll never set up your permissions right.
  • If you like to speak to answering machines - you came to the right place! Not once a human being picks up the phone at the "support center". No matter what time of day you call them, a machine will tell you you have called outside their office hours and please leave your name etc. No one ever calls you back.
  • Here's the best - not more than 20% of the e-mails you send them will get any response!
    Domain and E-Mail management
  • If you use their services to register your domain with InterNic you'll be charged $100 instead of the normal $70. What's more, they'll put themselves as the "Administrative Contact" in an attempt to gain control over your domain.
  • If you'll decide (like I did) to look for a better service elsewhere - don't expect any overlapping period. They'll block your e-mail immediately, before your new IP has a chance to propagate. You'll lose approximately two days worth of e-mails.
  • Likewise, they'll cut of your domain name from their DNS, neither you nor others will be able to access your site until your new IP propagates properly.
    These are just the highlights of what I went thru with this company for two and a half months. The frustration I experienced by the combination of low quality service and total lack of care or cooperation on their part led me to decide to move my 230+ pages wine site elsewhere.
    I have paid VirtualServing upfront for six months of their service, but it would take much more than the $120 they owe me to keep my site with this lousy company for another week.

    I have put up this page in hope of helping prospective customers from going thru the nightmare I have experienced at VirtualServing. I can back up every accusation made here (and many more) with ample evidence I have kept on my disk.

    - Yak Shaya