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Yak's Food & Wine Adventures

Recounting some truly amazing wining and dining stories...

March 2004 - Fabulous wine weekend at Gidleigh Park in Devon, England. Hosted by Steven Spurrier and devoted mainly to top Alsace producer Trimbach [including an amazing vertical tasting of Clos St. Hune) and to the illustrious 1990 Burgundy vintage.

Wine Weekend at Gidleigh Park

Sep-Oct 2003 - Three and a half weeks In Asia-Pacific. Visiting my father in Austraia for 15 days (Sydney, Hunter Valley and Melbourne) and splurging in Singapore (before) and in Bangkok (after).

A Trip to Asia-Pacific

April 2002 - A wonderful Rhone Wine Weekend in England. Pierre Perin and Jean-Luc Colombo presented their best wines in an intensive weekend organized by Decanter Magazine at Hintlesham Hall, East Anglia.

Rhone Wine Weekend

August 2001 - A week in green and peaceful Ireland. Bustling up-beat Dublin, lakes hills and forsests of the countryside, the palacial Ashford Castle and an Irish Feast with incredible wines.

Peaceful Ireland

August 2001 - A week in breathtakingly beautiful Iceland. Active volcanos, vast lava fields, numerous streams lakes and waterfalls are only a fraction of what this dramatic northern island has to offer.

Fascinating Iceland

October 2000 - The rolling hills of Toscana. Leisurely staying in a 600 years-old villa in the heart of Chianti Classico. Fantastic food, great wines and beautiful weather - what more does one need?

Autumn in Tuscany

April 2000 - New Orleans, New York and Washington DC. These three fine cities let us feel, see, eat and drink the best they can offer. YakFests abounded with magnificent wines to taste and wonderful people to meet.

USA 2000

September 1999 - Gaudi, Picasso, Miro and Dali are just a few of the names whose works we came to see. A week of fine art, amazing architecture and sure enough - wine & dine in beautiful Barcelona.

The Barcelona Experience

May 1999 - Three days of leisure & pleasure at Gidleigh Park in Devon, England. Gourment food, fabulous wines, beautiful scenery and more.

Gidleigh Park Wine & Dine

May 1999 - A wonderful YakFest put up by the "Wednesday Wine Club" in London. An unforgettable evening of great company, superb food and outstanding wines.

YakFest in London

November 1998 - Celebrating Dorit's 50th Birthday with some bridge-playing friends at an excellent restaurant in Eilat. Fantastic dinner and some really great wines contributed to a perfect evening.

Dorit's 50th Birthday

October 1998 - Five days in the charming city of Budapest. Extraordinary hotel, leisurly sightseeing, plenty of cultural experiences. Detailed recounts of the best dining and wining.

The Budapest Experience

September 1998 - Five days in the spectacularly beautiful city of Prague. Serious sightseeing, cultural experiences and plenty of good food and wine. Recommended (and not so recommended) restaurants.

The Prague Experience

June 1998 - A week of 'hard-labor' traveling in Andalusia (and Gibraltar) in the south of Spain. Ancient grand cities, breath-taking moorish architecture, lots of sun, great food and wonderful wines - all made for a fascinating vacation.

A Spanish Adventure

February 1998 - Celebrating my 50th birthday was the pretext to stage up the most wonderful wine and dine experience imaginable. Seven of the world's most fabulous wines were served at a dream-dinner, especially prepared by the brilliant young Israeli chef Yontan Rochfeld.

Yak's 50th Birthday

November 1997 - A weekend promised to be full of fascinating wine events lured us to London. Organized by the Decanter wine magazine, a wine exhibition, an annual gala dinner and eight amazing wine Master Classes - all took place under the same roof. And what a roof it was...

The Decanter Wine Encounter

November 1997 - Celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary was the excuse for three days of the ultimate culinary extravaganza in France. Both "La Cote St. Jacques" in Joigny and "Taillevent" in Paris had the pleasure of pampering us!

The Best Restaurants in France

July 1997 - A week of sun, beaches, easy-going people, excellent food and some very interesting wines in the island of Cyprus. The perfect summer-time short vacation!

The Cyprus Experience

April 1996 - Extraordinary ten days in France! Meeting some of the most illustrious producers in Burgundy, staying in some of the best hotels, eating at some of the finest restaurants, drinking some of the rarest wines, and generally having a great, fattening and expensive time.

Decadent Time in France

March 1996 - A wonderful wine weekend spent at the superb "Gidleigh Park" country hotel in Devon, England. Mr. Hugh Johnson was the guest of honor. The weekend centered on the Syrah grapes and culminated in vertical comparison between Jaboulet 'La Chapelle' and Australian Grange Hermitage...

Wine Weekend with Hugh Johnson

April 1995 - A two weeks visit to the U.S resulted in numerous lavish "Fests" - off-line gathering of Compuserve Wine Forum members - held in my honor. They were held in New York, Central Cost California, San Francisco and the Napa valley.
This is a Newsday reporter's account of the fabulous "YakFest" that took place in New York.

YakFest in New York City

October 1992 - I'll try to share a few memorable dinners we (Dorit and myself) had in *, ** and *** restaurants in France.
Unfortunately, we always paid with our own money, so no really fancy wines. Well, at least not all the time ;-)
Don't get the wrong impression. This was once-in-a-life-time see-how-the-other-half-live extravaganza. We sampled the following restaurants within two weeks in October 1992.

Gourmet Dining in France

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